Relocation isn’t just a part of our business, it is our business.

Make your best move with a Certified Relocation Professional.

Why Select a Realtor with the CRP Designation?

When choosing the ideal real estate agent, the selection of a CRP designate will provide you with a person who is not only competent with the paperwork and the numbers but can also guide, direct, and counsel you through the emotional roller-coaster of relocating. Providing stress relief to the transferee comes from good anticipation of the process and knowledge of the role of each of the players in the process (e.g., the employer, Relocation Management company, lender, appraiser, inspectors, moving companies). And even if you are only moving locally, you can still benefit from the knowledge a CRP brings to the process.

Why Settle for Less than the Best?

There is a small, highly trained group of Realtors in the US who, by all industry and peer standards, represent the most qualified agents available for servicing the relocation market. Under the guidelines established by the Employee Relocation Council, a Realtor can apply to take the examination required for certification as a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP). The exam tests the applicants' knowledge of Family Relocation Issues, Relocation Tax and Legal Issues, Corporate Relocation Policies, Appraisal Methods for Relocation, and Relocation Real Estate Marketing. Most of the major US corporations require nothing less than a CRP to administer the needs of their transferees.

Why Make Relocating More Stressful than It Needs to Be?

It has often been noted that relocating to a new community is the number 3 stress-producing event in your life. Leaving behind trusted friends and family, doctors, schools, shops, etc., and moving into a world of unknowns is an adventure -- but can be scary and full of tension. And choosing the perfect home in this strange new land is an important step -- as important as choosing a Realtor who is the most qualified to assist you.

Make your next move your best move.