Global Mobility, Relocation + The Human Touch

Global Mobility, Relocation + The Human Touch

Published | Written by Kelly Wicker

The old adage that two brains are better than one may explain why business owners create partnerships, but it’s not just the brains that need to work well together. Partners’ core values, work ethic and personalities need to get along too --and let’s not underestimate the importance of liking one another! Rach and I have all of the above covered! We have worked together in some capacity for the last 8 years, and I can honestly say she's the Topo to my Chico. (Yes, we're obsessed. Isn't everyone?). We've had a blast growing businesses together and most recently, forming Housed into a successful team of real estate + relocation professionals, and with Rach as our leader, I know it will continue to be successful.

When Mobility Magazine asked Rach about her beginning in the relocation industry, I knew this would be another opportunity for our colleagues to experience what I get to experience on a daily basis— Rach's magnetic personality, unmatched work ethic, and thorough knowledge of all things relocation and real estate. The article was published in the October 2017 magazine, and I'm confident when you read about her career start and human touch philosophy, you will be inspired to take that extra step of kindness and care when it matters most.

The Human Touch by Rach Potter, Realtor, CRP, Founding Partner of Housed Real Estate + Relocation

Raise your hand if you knew you wanted to be a “mobility professional” when you grew up. I’d bet there aren’t many in the air. Don’t worry— mine isn’t, either. I studied biochemistry at Baylor University, and in my senior year, I got my first taste of real estate working for the city of Waco, Texas. I was in the trenches doing research and clearing vacant homes for the city, moving them, and then burning them to make way for new development. I’m sure Chip and Joanna will be sending me a thank-you note any day now.

In 2001, I course-corrected away from medical school and headed north to Dallas, where I landed a business-development job at a boutique corporate housing firm. During my 14 years there, I helped grow it into an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, a distinction it won four years in a row.

I fell in love with the people in the relocation world immediately. I thrived in the fast-paced, action-packed environment, where there was never a cookie-cutter solution to any problem. I never knew what I was going to walk into— issues ranging from international customs regulations and shipment delays to bedbugs and leaky faucets, vendor and inventory shortages, and clients and transferees who expected nothing less than excellence through every obstacle.

Every day kept me on my toes as I strived to push my team to greater and greater success, balancing the demands of clients and guests for faster and better service while managing day-to-day operations of a growing company. Even in this ever-evolving tech world, “faster and better” doesn’t always mean a convenient app on your smartphone; sometimes it means using the call function on your phone to have a conversation. Just one simple talk with a real, live person can save thousands of texts and a ton of headache. Sometimes “better” also means slowing down, taking the time to write an empathetic email to a guest whose pet just died or sending a handwritten apology note for an inconvenience. Relocation, like anything related to mobility, is first and foremost a “people business”—in sort, the human touch makes all the difference.

That’s why in 2015, I shifted gears and formed my own residential real estate business with a focus on relocation. It was truly the best decision I’ve ever made. With the mobility and relocation knowledge acquired during my time in temporary housing, my “human touch” philosophy, and a team of full-time real-estate professional superstars, the future of relocation is here—and we are creating it.

Throughout my career, being an active member of my local Worldwide ERC©-recognized regional relocation group, North Texas Relocation Professionals, has been critical to my success and has allowed me for collaboration with the area’s top global mobility executives. Equally vital to both my personal and professional growth has been my association with Worldwide ERC© and the invaluable educational opportunities it provides. I continue to be an active member of both organizations today, regularly attending regional, national, and global mobility conferences.

I look forward to connecting with you at the next conference and hearing about your foray into the wonderful world of relocation and global mobility! 


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