(Sell Your) Home for the Holidays

(Sell Your) Home for the Holidays

Published | Written by Racheal (Rach) Potter

We typically don’t think about the holiday season as a particularly good time to sell a home. Contrary to popular belief, going on the market this time of year can actually benefit sellers. Buyers who are looking to purchase a home during the winter are generally more serious and in a hurry to find housing. They aren’t just casually looking - they need to buy immediately for one of several reasons. Some buyers need to purchase a home before December 31 to receive a tax benefit. Also, new employees traditionally begin their jobs in January, and transferees cannot wait until spring to buy. Many potential buyers also take vacations over the holidays, and so may have more time to look during this time of year. Sellers must be on the market in order to capture all of these serious buyers.

Because there is less inventory to look at, buyers will usually make better offers simply because there is less to choose from. Buyers also tend to be more emotional during the holidays and are therefore more willing to pay your price. Sellers also should capitalize on their fear of missing out - listings will increase dramatically after the first of the year, which means less demand for your home and potentially less money for you. Perhaps the biggest advantage to selling during the holidays is that doing so provides the opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the spring. Many more houses will be on the market for less money and playing these dynamics will allow you to sell high and buy low. Now that’s a gift to yourself that keeps on giving! Call 214.888.6864 and let the Housed team help sell your home for the holidays!


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